1-2-1 Sessions

specialist Training

Behavioural consultation

These sessions are for dogs who have complex behaviour struggles. For example separation anxiety or aggression cases. Our trained behaviourist will work with you and your dog to create a bespoke training plan to improve your dogs behaviour. This session is your initial assessment and we will start your training towards giving your dog a better life. 

What you will get:


follow on behavioural training

Any continuation of sessions after your initial Behavioural Consultation.

What you will get:

One session - £60
Block of 4 sessions - £216

general training

general training session

These sessions look at general dog training needs. An example of these are recall, loose lead walking and helping to calm down an overexcited dog. You will meet with your trainer and they will give you a bespoke training plan for you and your dog to work through. 

One session - £50
Block of 4 sessions - £180

1-2-1 puppy programme

Want to get you puppy foundations but don’t want to join classes just yet? We offer the 1-2-1 puppy programme where we work with yourself and your dog in giving them all the foundations they need to take on the world. This programme includes – Recall, loose lead foundations, calming, reduce biting and so much more.