A Little Bit About Police Dogs

Our children from the Youth Trainer Programme had the awesome opportunity to meet Police Dog Handler Nick Davies. They asked him some questions that I thought we would share with you…

What does a police dog do?

We have a number of different police dogs. General purpose dogs search for missing persons, tracking suspects from crime scenes and recovery of recently discarded articles of an evidential nature. The are also used in public disorder incidents like football demonstrations etc. Specialist search dogs search for things like drugs, cash, firearms, explosives, cigarettes, blood, body’s SIM cards.

How do you train a police dog?

The dogs are taught to use their instincts on instruction and in a supervised manner. Police dogs are rewarded for their good work. While in training they receive good care, food, exercise, protection, and the training have an emphasis on safety, control, and efficiency.

What do you need to do to become a police dog handler?

You will need first become a police officer then carry out a two year probationary period before applying for the dog section.

What age do police dog retire?

Depending on the role police dogs will start working/training at around 12 months old. General purpose dogs will work to around 8/9 years dependent on breed. Specialist dog can continue depending on fitness for a number of years more.

How do you deal with aggressive dogs?

We have a number of different pieces of equipment we can use if dogs become aggressive. Poles, taser shield, bite back spray etc.

What breeds are used as police dogs?

German Shepard, Belgian shepherd, Dutch herders, spaniels, Labrador’s etc.

Do police dogs have to be a certain age?

Dogs are usually taken from an early age due to been able to have a longer working life.

What do police dogs eat?

My dogs are given a good dry food. But some dogs need raw food or a mixture of tinned ad dry.

Can police dogs also be pets?

Yes when they retire most become very good pets.

How much exercise does a police dog need?

They need to stay fit so at least a couple of times a day.

A massive thank you to Nick for taking the time to come and meet the children as well as answering their questions for this blog.

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