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Trainer Bethany Holding Dog Luna

Bethany Kent IMDTB


She has lived with dogs for her whole life, two being from rescues and another being raised from a puppy. She is a kind and friendly individual that cares about the welfare of the dogs she is working with and will always give positive based training when working with your dog. 

Bethany now has a dog called Luna. She is a Spaniel X Beagle and absolutely loves everyone. Luna was the inspiration for the logo of Barking Buds and is one of the main reasons Bethany decided to start the business. The pair have also started growing their list of titles with Luna currently being an Championship trick dog with Do More With Your Dog.

Beth has experience with Behavioral Consultation, 1-2-1 session, Puppy classes, Group classes, Workshops, Scent work, Trick work, Agility and so much more.


  • HE Diploma in Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Pro Dog Trainer and Geek with Absolute Dogs
  • Level 5 Institute of Modern Dog Training
  • IMDTB Member
  • Level 3 Institute of Modern Dog Training
  • Dog First Aid Trained
  • 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer IMDT
  • Trick Dog Champion Holder
  • Constable Level Scent Training Holder
  • Trusted Trainer with Therapy Dog Training UK 
  • Certified Dog AID Volunteer Trainer
Pro Dog Trainer Certified Badge