Billy and MEl’s Story

In October 2020 I was told Billy’s mum Morgana was having puppies and would I like one! I said yes straight away and knowing Morgana like I did thought I was in for an easy ride as she is the most easy going laid back dog in existence.
In March 2021 Billy arrived and I very quickly realised he did not take after his mumma!!
I wanted to train him myself as much as possible and never having a dog before and with Billy being a  ‘strong’ personality I was struggling.
Our main problem at the time was Billy was to nervous to go walking. I couldn’t get him to walk from our house at all and he was so nervous.

I saw an ad on Facebook for Barking Buds and sent an enquiry and very quickly Beth was in my house masked up for COVID and asking how she could help!

She quickly worked out Billy was harness reactive and had some other concerns. She showed me exactly how to start the process of helping him through this. She also suggested without obligation puppy classes. I went for it but we did this in our house as Billy would find the class to much at that point.
It took 9 weeks to get him walking, but he went and with each intrepid step into the world we faced new problems and issues! Beth and the team took this in their stride and were with us every step of the way!

We went to adolescent, life skills and eventually immersion class and had to have barriers up at first until he got used to the situation. The support and non judgmental space was exactly what I needed, I honestly would not have the dog I have today without Barking Buds. He is not as chill as his mumma dog but he has developed into a beautiful boy.

We are still training in Immersion and we love it! Having a class to focus us, ask questions and ask for tailor made training plans is such a perfect bespoke service that is just right for us.

We are also very active in the community, which is unique to Barking Buds. It offers so much from like minded dog families that are so understanding and totally have your back through the good and the bad!!

The social walks are also a favourite of mine, although this was not always the case! On the first one Billy injured my arm through pulling. The second one he started to bark and then each and every one we attended he barked and barked and barked. Again the community and team were on hand with advice and a gentle word to give me hope and strength. I cried on more than one occasion. We have seen improvements over the last few walks and the last walk we did I walked with the main group and not out alone, Billy barked 3 times in nearly and hour and he actually loose lead walked a bit. It was the best walk ever. It was over 18 months (Probably 12 walks) which at once a month was really good progress.

We can not thank Barking Buds enough for all they have given to our family.. they are actual super heroes.

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