drop in Training

We offer a Doggy Drop In services with a difference. Instead of our trainers coming in and just spending time with your dog, we will help you work towards a specific training goal. We will discuss what behaviours you would like us to work on whilst you are away including inside or outside the house. It is important to remember theses services will help you work towards your training goals not sort them for you.

Meet and Greet

You will need this before we can offer one off or regular slots!
£ 45
  • 1 hour session with you and your dog
  • Personalised training plan to suit you
  • First Doggy Drop In Included

Regular Slots

Weekly slots for whilst you are at work or busy.
£ 25 per session
  • 1 hour session with your dog
  • Personalised training to suit you
  • Discounts on the Training Portal