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Trainer in Training Emily and her dog Nora

Emily Cambridge


My name is Emily and I have been with Barking Buds since late 2020. I have a 2.5 year old Romanian rescue called Nora and she has helped me learn so much about nervous and reactive dogs, as I’ve had to help her through her own struggles.

I have a background working with dogs at both a rescue centre as well as a dog day care. I am interested in dog training as I finds it so rewarding to see the dogs learn and enjoy their training as well as knowing I am giving both the dogs and their owners the tools they need not just to succeed but thrive. I am a strong believer in helping dogs choose the right behaviours through positive reinforcement and games based training, and I love watching dogs learn!


– Degree in Animal Management from Oxford Brookes University

 – Level 3 qualification in Canine Body Language from the Dog Training College

– Pro Dog Trainer qualification with Absolute Dogs

– Canine First Aid certification and of course a passion for all things dog! 

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