I’m On The Lead! Yellow Dog Project!

When people first see a dog on the lead, they automatically presume that they are aggressive and will bite. This is not always the case.

Dogs can be on the lead for many reasons:

  • Illness
  • No Recall
  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Uncomfortable off lead
  • Rehabilitation
  • In training
  • Female on heat
  • Nervous or shy
  • Does not like saying ‘hi’ other dogs
  • Loves to eat a picnic (I know mine does)

A lot of these reasons means that their dog needs space, and you should not allow your dog to run up to them. This could cause a rehabilitated dog to go backwards and feel nervous again or even cause a dog fight.

There is a great project out there that shows owners when a dog needs space and we should all be more aware of it. Even if your dog does not need space it will help you to recognize when others do.

The Yellow Dog Project is a charity that works to create awareness around the world that every dog needs space and it is not just for nervous/aggressive dogs. This project works towards walks being safe and more enjoyable for all with a visual representation that a dog may need space.

I want to make more people aware of this as a lot of people I talk to have never heard about it. Including my family who have owned dogs almost their whole lives. This is important and the more people we make aware, the more responsible we can be.

Remember that we are responsible for our dogs recall if it is not 100% keep working on it and have your dog on a long lead. This way they can still run around whilst you have control. It will not be the owner with their dog on the lead fault if your dog runs up to it.

See the source imageIf you feel you need further help with recall or have any other questions, contact a Barking Buds or your local trainer for help 😊



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