Meet the Team

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Kayla Richards

Trainer in training

Kayla has been with the Barking Buds Trainer Mentorship Programme. Since she was younger she has always loved dogs and used to enjoy training the family dogs but was never able to have her own. 

When she moved out she was finally able to get her very own dog with her husband, the gorgeous Rottweiler Roman!

After having a few challenges with Roman as a puppy she found Barking Buds after a couple of recommendations from family and friends, who were already part of the community. They joined the puppy classes where Kayla enjoyed watching Roman progress. Online she notices that Beth offers training programmes to teach adults how to become trainers with Barking Buds. She joined the programme and has said ‘it was honestly the best decision she has ever made’. 

She is loving learning how to train dogs, teach owners and helping in the Youth Trainer Programme. It was so satifying for her to see the dogs progress and how delighted the owners were with the results. 

She is hoping to get onto a couple of courses with IMDT over the next year and is looking forward to seeing what her journey with Barking Buds will bring.

Pro Dog Trainer Certified Badge