We have just completed the puppy course with Beth and Barking Buds. The classes were brilliant and pitched at the right level with lots of advice and and suggestions for what to practice. We have moved onto the next level classes and will continue our journey with Beth. I would recommend Barking Buds for any training that your dog (and owners) need.

– Charlotte and Lulu – Puppy and Immersion Class

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I honestly can’t thank Beth and Barking Buds enough! Their games based, force free training methods have given me the the tools and confidence I needed to understand and manage Bluey’s complex behaviors. Beth is kind, understanding, patient and always available for advice or reassurance outside of our sessions. You are part of a community at Barking Buds and Beth is at the heart of it. I genuinely can’t thank you enough 😊

– Dawn and Bluey – Behavioural Training

My dog Oscar and I have been doing Therapy Dog training with Beth for the past 6 months and I cannot believe how well he has done using her methods. Beth had every faith in him and taught us to work as a team. He is now about to start community visits and I couldn’t be prouder of him. All thanks to Beth and her knowledge, patience and support. Highly recommend!

– Sara and Oscar – Therapy Dog Classes

So pleased we found Barking Buds! My dog loves her trainer Emily, who is flexible and knowledgable. She has been happy to focus on all different types of training and has a really gentle approach – getting to know the dog first and building a relationship as the priority. I love getting a written report every day, telling me what they’ve been up to and how my dog has been in herself. I would absolutely recommend this service – the perfect blend of a loving and trustworthy pet-sitter, as well as qualified and experienced training.

– Lucy and Ginny – Doggy Drop Ins

In December we adopted a very anxious Romanian Rescue puppy. Beth’s online puppy classes have been fantastic and the techniques that I have learnt over the last few weeks have really helped with my puppies confidence. She does get stressed very easily when outside of our home environment. However, Beth’s classes and wonderful advice have provided me with the tools I need to help with this anxiety and I have seen my puppies behaviour come on in leaps and bounds !

– Joanna and Toffee – Online Puppy Classes

Reggie in his garden sat down

We’ve been working with Beth for 4 weeks now with our pup Reggie! The difference it has made in him and us in just 4 weeks is incredible! He’s learnt so much through games but not as much as we have learnt! We can’t wait to continue along Reggie’s road of learning! It’s been an absolute joy! Beth has even managed to get the children to be more comfortable and handle Reggie even when he’s bouncing off the walls! Just a big thank you from us all

– Ali, Vicki with Reggie – Puppy Programme

Reggie and Owner with Graduation Pack

Just finished the 6 week puppy course run by Beth, have learnt lots and really bonded with my dog during the programme which has further helped with training and his general behaviour. Beth is very attentive and steps in if you require help or otherwise suggests the next exercise up if she thinks you are able to progress a little quicker. The course booklet has been great and has even allowed my partner to pick up on the training easily even though he did not attend the classes. The games are simple but very effective and can be used anywhere, I have found them particularly useful for calming Reggie down when he gets over-excited. I am looking forward to the next step and joining the adolescent programme next year!

– Sara and Reggie – Puppy Classes

Shadow Sat in house with Bandana

Beth has been brilliant with our nervous rescue puppy, lockdown didn’t stop zoom classes which really helped and were a great start. He has learnt so much every week , he is growing in confidence and we can ask Beth and the community questions anytime!
Its positive training, enjoyable for us and our puppy. Thank you for all your help ! looking forward to the next set of lessons too! xx

– Christina and Shadow – Puppy and Adolescent Classes

Otto Sat with 1-2-1 Puppy Programme Certificate

We have been so happy with the training, Beth has been a wonderful trainer and our pup Otto has come on so much. Beth is super reliable and flexible with your needs etc. The graduation pack was a great touch, he’s absolutely mad for the toy he received. We are looking forward to book in for some more sessions in January! Thank you Beth 🙂

– Barley, Liam and Otto – Puppy Programme

Freddie Asleep On Bed

Freddie has completed his 6 week initial training and he has done amazingly!! Beth has taught us so much!! Freddie was so anxious on walks and barked continuously! Beth taught us how to distract him and games to play with him! He is now a pleasure to take out on walks! Barking has seriously reduced! He can now wait for his treat, go sit on his blanket when asked, sit and lie down when told! We are so impressed in what has been achieved in 6 weeks training with Beth!! Thank you so much Beth!! We will definitely be back for adolescent classes!!

Lily, Rachel and Freddie – Behavioural Consultation

Puppy Training With Owner In Class

Beth has helped my rescue pup Nora focus her food obsession into helpful outlets and training, meaning she is much calmer and more patient around food! We attended a group puppy class and Beth was attentive and so helpful in suggesting next steps and how to set up Nora for success. Also I’m so thankful that Beth allowed us to join the puppy class as Nora was 10 months when we rescued her and I was worried she was too old to join! We will be joining the Adolescent classes for sure!

Emily, Lynn and Nora – Puppy Classes

Balin as a Puppy
Bethany has been fantastic in helping us gain some control over our young pup. The course is well laid out, easy to follow, relevant, and repeatable away from training sessions. A fantastic start to training our pup, leaving us with loads of tools we can use to continue the work, and in a realistic and real life setting. Thank you.

– Stuart, Emma with Balin – Puppy Programme

Diesel and Thor Asleep Together

I’ve been working with Beth & my two dogs now for around 4 weeks, actively training. The differences I’ve noticed in both my dogs already are incredible. Beth is extremely friendly and informative. She always checks before the appointment to ensure its still convenient & you’re able to do it. Beth is always on time & completely ready to learn and opening up new opportunities for myself and dogs. Excited for the future. 

– Charlotte with Diesel and Thor – Behavioural Consultation 

Ty on his bed

Me and ty have seen Beth for 3 sessions and I can’t explain the difference! Everything that she has given us has worked well for both of us and is definitely a fun way to train. I’m so happy with ty’s progress and how far he’s come and will definitely be continuing with everything she has taught us. She’s super friendly and is willing to help. Excited to see what the future has in store for me and ty and Beth.

– Megan with Ty – Behavioural Consultation

Murphy Led in the garden

The day after the first session we were already putting all the tips Beth gave us into practice. We found it particularly useful when Murphy our Greyhound got spooked by a cat in the bushes and became uncontrollable, the distraction technique that Beth taught us worked straight way and soon Murphy was a disinterested in said cat and more interested in me. Thank you Beth – highly recommended

– Rebecca, Rob and Murphy – Behavioural Consultation

Daisy Led in Bed

Highly recommend Beth at Barking Buds, she put my Dalmatian daisy through the behaviour training programme and helped me trust her off the lead and calm her down when visitors come. Thanks for all your help

– Sharon and Daisy – Behavioural Consultation