T&C and Cancellation

Barking Buds Terms and Conditions – Training

Barking Buds Booking Terms and Conditions.

Please ensure you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions before you make a booking. Payment of your training fees implies you have read, understood and expressly accepted them.



  • We believe animals deserve care and love and are committed to training force-free maximising fun and playful techniques. We emphasise fun and joy in our training and work to minimise stress as much as possible.

  • We base our training methods on scientifically proven force free methods. If there should be a conflict between what is animal-friendly and what the animal’s owner/s desires, we will side with what is animal-friendly.          

  • There is overwhelming scientific evidence that positive reinforcement is the best way to train animals. We do not advocate physical corrections, throwing things at or near the animal or spraying liquid in an animal’s face. We are committed to using at most a very mild aversive only as a last resort. Shock collars, prong collars or choke chains are never used or recommended.                                   

  • We consistently work to continue our education and keep up to date with developing trends in the training world to ensure the dogs welfare is at the centre of what we do.

  • We educate humans to employ patience and to seek to understand animal’s needs and wants.

  • We coach people to communicate consistently and clearly with their animals.

  • We work within our level of competence. We do not give advice on anything that is outside of our area of expertise. For issues that are outside of our area of expertise we will discuss this with the client and where agreed refer clients to competent professionals for specialist support.

  • We keep client information confidential, sharing client info ONLY with other Barking Buds staff when needed, with the exception of neglect or abuse of an animal or if the animal is dangerous.     

  • Clients should know they are empowered to decline any recommendations that we make for them or their dogs. We encourage clients to ask questions. 

  • Vaccinations: we require that your dog is up to date on all core vaccines in order to attend a group session

  • If you choose to withhold vaccinations and not tell Barking Buds staff you bring your dog at your own risk and Barking Buds will not be held accountable.

  • When attending group training sessions your dog is required to be on a lead and under control at all times, unless otherwise directed by a member of the Barking Buds team.


Client responsibilities

When working with Barking Buds you agree –

  • to fully engage with the process of training your dog to the best of your ability and understand that any changes you are hoping to achieve will involve commitment and consistency

  • to understand there is no ‘silver bullet’ or ‘quick fix’ when working with behavioural issues and progress is dependent on your effort within and outside of training sessions

  • be open and honest in providing information so we can assist in the best way possible

  • ask for clarification if anything which is explained in unclear

  • have an open mind with regard to potential solutions, changes and strategies

  • not to use aversive tools (choke chains, anti-pull harnesses, prong collars, spray or e-collars, rattle cans, water sprays etc) while undertaking training and will stop using any aversives if have been doing so prior to starting training with Barking Buds.

  • not to seek advice from another trainer or behaviour consultant for the same issue whilst you are working with us 


Contract of Sale

Completion of the booking process and acceptance of our terms and conditions forms your contract with Barking Buds.


Payment for group training or workshops must be made in advance and are made at the time of placing a booking. It is not possible to attend a course unless payment has been received. Immersion classes need to have a Direct Debit set up and paid each month to be able to take class.

Payment for 121 sessions will be invoiced on the Friday before the booking date. Payment must be made when receiving this invoice. We reserve the right to stop any further sessions until payment has been made. 

We accept payment by Invoice, online bank transfer/BACS – contact us for details


You have a legal right to change your mind about proceeding with your course purchase under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013.  All cancellations/Postponements must be made by email to barkingbudsuk@gmail.com within 14 days of your booking being confirmed and 14 days prior to the course.

Cancellations of group class/workshops bookings will be subject to the following fees:-

  • Cancellations within 0-7 days prior to the start date of the sessions will be charged the full course fee.

  • Cancellations within 7-14 days prior to the start date of the sessions will be charged 50% of the full course fee.

  • Cancellations more than 14 days prior to the start date of the sessions will be fully refunded.

  • If the participant fails to attend the course the full course fees are payable.

  • STOP IMMERSION CLASS – You will need to give a months notice to stopping our immersion classes



Cancellation of individual 121 sessions or other booking will be subject to the following terms:

  • Cancellation within 48 hours prior to the start date of the sessions will be charged the full course/session fee.

  • Cancellation 48 hours or more prior to the start date of the sessions will be able to transfer their session to an alternative date/time providing there is availability.


For the avoidance of doubt, a cancellation is defined as any appointment which cannot be made at the time, date and location stated when originally booked.

Should Barking Buds have to postpone/cancel a session/s for any reason, you will be offered an alternative date or credit note for a future session.

All credit notes are valid for 6 months from the date of issue

Any refunds will be made to you within 14 days of you telling us you have changed your mind. 


Weather and Welfare

We will train in all weather conditions and won’t cancel a session due to poor weather. However, in certain extreme weather conditions, Barking Buds reserve the right to postpone courses on safety grounds and will offer a rearranged date. All attendees bringing their dogs to the sessions must take personal responsibility for their and their own dog’s comfort and welfare. Please dress appropriately for the weather, including appropriate footwear.

Travel in all conditions is purely at the risk of attendees and Barking Buds take no responsibility for accidents or other eventualities.

Vaccinations: we require that your dog is up to date on all core vaccines in order to attend a group session


If your dog has ever bitten a person/other animal, you MUST report this prior to your consultation.


If you are advised that a veterinary check is required it is your responsibility to ensure this is carried out.


If in doubt due to your dog’s behaviour or the weather, please do not bring your dog and contact barkingbudsuk@gmail.com 


Session/Course Content

Barking Buds reserves the right to change the content, timing, date, venue or Instructor of the course in order to provide a high quality service or where it is necessary for reasons beyond our control. Barking Buds reserves the right to cancel a course up to and including the date of the course and will strive to give as much notice of this as possible. Individuals booked onto a cancelled course will be given the option of a full refund or of rescheduling to a future course date. Barking Buds will not be liable for any losses or expenses arising from amendments to the course or cancellations. Course materials are supplied only for your personal use.


Intellectual Property

Barking Buds remains the owner of all intellectual property in any course materials, handouts and communications. No part of the materials may be copied, recorded or reproduced without our permission.


Disclaimer and Liability Release

Owners are to understand that training and/or modifying behaviour poses a risk of injury. You are to ensure that necessary steps are taken at all times to prevent injury, including avoidance of situations that might trigger aggressive behaviour.


The owner (client of Barking Buds, and handler of dog) agrees that Bethany Kent, the team and Barking Buds will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from failure of the dog to respond to any cues or commands taught to the dog by Baking Buds or resulting from counselling and advice supplied to owners of dog.

The dog’s behaviour now and in the future is solely the responsibility of the owners (client) of the dog. Should any behaviour on the dog’s part now or in the future result in damage to the property, owners, or person of some third party, owner agrees to assume full responsibility to such third party for any and all such damage, and to absolve Barking Buds, its team and Bethany Kent from any and all obligations to pay such damage to a third party.

All dogs are trained or otherwise handled or cared for or if owner receives instruction by Bethany Kent, the team and Barking Buds without any liability whatsoever on Bethany Kent, the team and Barking Buds for loss, damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other dogs/cats or property by said dog, or other unavoidable causes.


In the event of in-home training provided by Bethany Kent, the team and Barking Buds, the owners agree to release Bethany Kent, the team and Barking Buds from any and all liability whatsoever for loss or damage to property whether before, during or after the consultation and when implementing suggested techniques with your dog. In the event of training provided outside the home at an alternative location owner agrees to release Bethany Kent, the team and Barking Buds from any and all liability whatsoever for loss or damage to property, or injury to dog/cat, or owner, or handler whether before, during or after the consultation and when implementing suggested techniques with your dog.     


Digital Media

Photographs, video or digital recordings are taken of dogs in training for coaching and, among other things, used in advertising by Barking Buds. You (the client) acknowledge that all such images are the property of Barking Buds and give consent, without compensation, to use, reproduce, and alter the images, in print and electronic format (including the internet), either alone or in combination with other texts and graphics.


Limitation of Liability 

Barking Buds will accept no responsibility for any losses, either direct or indirect, which you suffer in connection with the services provided under this contract. 


Data Protection

Any personal information you give to us will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. We will use the information to process your booking, to provide the courses and to inform you about similar courses which we provide, unless you tell us that you do not want to receive this information. Any personal data you provide may be held on computer files.  All personal data will be handed appropriately in accordance with the provisions of General Data Protection Regulations.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with them shall be settled by the English courts.


Complaints/Feedback procedure

Should you wish to make a complaint or provide feedback, please email to barkingbudsuk@gmail.com. This will be reviewed and responded to accordingly.