Unicorn School visit

Last year Beth had the awesome opportunity to go into The Unicorn School to talk to the children about Therapy Dogs and how to act around dogs in general.

This school have a therapy dog of their own and their owner wanted us to come in and teach the children when to recognise if the dog had had enough of strokes and wanted some time by himself. We talked to two separate groups of children throughout the day in an interactive why and gave the children opportunities to ask questions and share stories about their own dogs.

I love going into schools and doing talks as it raises awareness of how important it is to learn a bit about dog body language and how to act if a dog comes running up to you. Teaching the children about how to react around dogs could help to reduce the amount of nips or bites caused by family pets!

If anyone would like to book for Beth to come into schools to talk about Therapy Dogs or dogs in general please do get in touch at barkingbudsuk@gmail.com

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