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Dog Training Through games

"Dogs are not for our whole lives but they make our whole lives better"

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1-2-1 Training sessions

Offering private 1-2-1 sessions for behavioral consultations, puppies and single concept training.


Offering classes for dogs of all ages. Building bonds whilst building confidence.

Doggy Drop ins

Coming to your home for an hour to check in on your furry friend.

Barking Buds Academy

Growing trainers of the future starting from age 9+.

Dog online with laptop and glasses

Online Courses

Barking Buds offer short courses for the people who want to give dog a training a go by themselves at an affordable price. These online courses are perfect for the whole family.


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Build a stonger bond today!

Do you want to stop the feeling of stress whenever you are with your dog? Do you want to stop feeling like you’re telling your dog off more than enjoying their company?

Then Barking Buds is for YOU!

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